Book Review- Bewaji’s Ankara Adventures (The Aso Ebi Chronicles Book 1)

Many dieticians recommend portion control as a way of attaining better health. We entirely agree with them. And so today we serve you something healthy, nutritious and tasty in the right portions.  Our book review for the week is Bewaji’s Ankara Adventures (The Aso Ebi Chronicles Book 1) Oh! It’s indeed something healthy, nutritious and tasty. Like the sound of that? Then come along as we explore this intriguing yet straightforward read by Sharon Abimbola Salu.


The appetizer

This thrilling novella presents the life of a single working-class Nigerian and the challenges of finding and holding down a job. But that’s not the main gist of the story. Bewaji is asked by her friend who lives in the US to help investigate a possible scam involving an American woman romantically involved with a man living in Nigeria. Will she find anything incriminating? Well, move on to the main course as you read this book.

Main Course

She delves into this assignment, hoping to find evidence that would unveil the truth and justify the pay she has received. Would she find evidence concrete evidence? What dangers would she face in the course of carrying out her assignment?


You can read it all in one sitting. Yup, it’s that yummy, and it’s that short but isn’t that why we love our deserts?

Style and Setting

Bewaji’s Ankara Adventures is written in simple, easy to read, everyday English.

Set in Lagos, many of the areas mentioned are familiar, places Nigerian readers can readily relate to, making it even more appealing. There are funny, eye-opening scenes interwoven in the main plot that help to beautify and polish the entire story.


The only drawback from this story is Deus ex machina, aka plot armour. We would have preferred if the author did not gift the characters a way out of their troubles.

And if this book were a song, it would be

Omoge Mi by P-Square.

Chef’s Verdict

We score this book three stars of deliciousness.

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